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My makeup off routine


Hello everyone, i did not write for a quite long time, and especially not about beauty. So today i will show you three products that i use to take my make up off, well two of them, becuse third i use is to treat my acne. So if you have sensitive skin like i have and almost everything i put causes acne, you need products that will not infect your face even more.

I wear makeup almost every day and i really needed something to take off all of the foundation, powder, mascara, so i looked for a good product. I heard good reviews on this Cleansing milk by L'Oréal which is made for dry and sensitive skin, so i decided to buy it. This milk, infused with softening actives, leaves skin feeling nourished, soothed and silky smooth whilst effectively removing make-up and impurities, this is what declaration says, and i can confirm it is true. It removes make up perfect, does not leave your face red, and makes your skin softer, it is intended to use for face and also eyes. It is important also  to say that product does not consist of alcohol and hase specific creamy smell.
Also it is not that expensive product about 6-7 euros, and definitely worth it.

Second thing i use for face, after i take my make up off is this Cleansing gel from Afrodita cosmetics
This gel is intended for all skin types, removes excess oils, make-up and other impurities from your skin and at the same time moisturises it with the added hyaluronic acid. Also i have to admit it washes your face perfect, and it has great smell, but also my skin after it becomes more tighter.
I have feeling sometimes that after washing my face if i have acne, this dry them,
Products is also alcohol free.

The last product i use on my face before i put cream, and if i have some acne or spots is this Afrodita cosmetics again remove spots gel. It is for all skin types and it is actually great. This is drying spots very fast, and it is very good if you have under skin acne, which can be very serious problem,  It helps to extract under skin dirt on the surface. Price is not that hight too, it is under 5 euros and it is great product.
(Just to remind this is my review of the products and it does not to be effective on your skin too.)

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  1. great post

  2. Cleansing is essential to keep your skin healthy. I use Nivea Visage Cleansing Milk to remove makeup... Great post dear!

  3. Cleansing milk sounds awesome! I want to try it one day:)

  4. non ho mi provato questi prodotti

  5. What an amazing product!
    Someday I'll try this.

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  6. Great post! Have a nice day Sweety:)
    kisses from Poland!

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  8. I love your blog!
    Do you wann follow each other? Would be so nice ♥

  9. Excellent post! an essential routtine for skin care!

    Zapatos Rojos

  10. Jakooo ti ej dobar blog! Oduševljena sam! Inače ne pratim toliko beauty blogove ali tvoj je jako privlačan ;)

  11. Awesome post, dear!!
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    Hugs & Kisses

  12. Odlican post, moram da probam to malo Afroditino cudo :)

    Adela Acanski

  13. Thanks for follow following back :)

  14. I love the post! Great blog:)

  15. I love the post! Great blog:)

  16. Great post and I absolutely love your blog! :)

    Christina ♥

  17. nice products! I usually use a garnier cleansing water and a face soap by clinique!

  18. Looks like a nice product

    Need to check it out

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  19. These product sound great!

  20. Great selection of products for your routine! Loving it

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  22. The cleansing product seems great! Awesome review <3

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