Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Favourite items from LUCLUC

I got another online store to suggest you. It is called LUCLUC (click HERE) and it has amazing clothes for every occasion.
The variety of the clothes is different, it has anything for everyones taste. All kind of tops, jeans, skirts and accessories.
On this site you can find special offer  BACK TO SCHOOL clothes for the students with special prices and promotions. There is chance to buy one and get one free item using special code.
Store offers free shipping worldwide without minimum purchase.
Also you can get 50% on the items if you pre order them.
If u sign up to the site you got the possibility to win a free gift, so nothing cost you to try.
Autumn is coming soon, so i picked couple of items to show you what the store offers.

Danas ću vam predstaviti još jednu onlajn radnju. Zove se LUCLUC (kliknite OVDJE) i ima veoma bogatu ponudu raznih odjevnih komada. Ponuda je kao što sam napomenula velika, pa tako da svako može naći nešto što odgovara njegovom ličnom ukusu.
Na sajtu se nalazi posebna ponuda BACK TO SCHOOL, namijenjena studentim i učenicima, gdje možete naći odjeću za predstojeću školsku godinu. Takođe postoji mogućnost korišćenja specijalnog koda koji možete iskoristiti za dobijanje jednog artikla besplatno, ukoliko kupite nešto od ponuđenog u navedenoj kategoriji.
Radnja nudi besplatnu dostavu bez ikakvog minimalnog ograničenja.
Takođe možete dobiti 50% popusta na odjeću ukoliko na sajtu kliknete specijalnu PRE ORDER ponudu.
Jesen uskoro stiže pa sam izdvojila neke komade koji se nalaze na sajtu.

                                            Blouse// Skirt// Sleeveless coat// Bag// Flats//

                                         Blouse// Jeans// Leather jacket// Shoes// Bag//


  1. Great blog :) Like your style ideas, the clothes you choose are very trendy, especially the pink purse, it's absolutely adorable :)

  2. Hey I love your style <3 those clothes are just gorgeous :) Please take a look at my blog :http://afro-fash-n-beauty.blogspot.be/

  3. Great selection!
    I like that leather bag <3

  4. The blouse is too cute! Loving how it's a off shoulder but looks appropriate ^__^

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  5. thats one rocking collection. Love everything.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog ! If you want we can follow each other on GFC ,Bloglovin/G+..Let me know !

  6. Such cool pics.
    I love that tassel pink -- looks so cute

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  7. I love the pink bag.

    Sweet greetings, MilaLanusa


  8. Fringe bag trend is so huge right now! Really like all the items!


  9. I have never heard of this shop before so thank you for sharing x

  10. Interesting pieces. I love that leather jacket!
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  11. Lovely selection, Lucluc sounds like a great store <3

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  12. Awesome picks!I love your blog, it's amazing!
    Would you like to follow each other on gfc and keep in touch? :)
    xx, Veni

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  13. The shirt sleeve shirt is so cool!