Friday, 3 February 2017

SKINCARE TRENDS FOR 2017 (guest post)

So far, we’re familiar with the gist – beauty, fashion and food industry thrive on buzzwords followed by innovation, and we know 2016 was the year of “organic”, “anti pollution” and “health” that promised to help us live a life free of all things bad for the skin and body. With the burst of lotions, potions, creams, foods and other products we all thought that we’ll never age and our skin will see to live a toxin-free life. Some of it helped, some didn’t. Still, we’re definitely better off believing in natural, green-based products than we are using chemically processed items that are neither good for the health nor for the overall appearance.
Just as fashion progressed with technologically infused ideas (and their applications), so has beauty: namely, “Google filed patents outlining designs for electricity- and pressure-sensing mats and color recognition mirrors: these could track changes in weight, blood pressure and organ health.” And, that wasn’t all: “Panasonic unveiled a prototype for a ‘smart mirror’, which diagnoses skin concerns and prints out 3D slivers of color-matched makeup to mask your imperfections”. Amazing, right? Sure! Unfortunately, neither of these amazing tech solutions are due to make it into our bathrooms for the next couple of years… so, what are we to look forward to these days?

Well, pretty much this:

1) Transformative textures:

Korean-inspired beauty (the term is K-beauty) has been the it beauty trend and we see it happening in 2017 as well. Its powerful influence on all global beauty trends is evident in variety of products, and all throughout 2017 we’ll be talking about/using products that change texture as we use them: progressively, we’re after skincare that surprises our senses – not just in terms of the product itself, but the whole experience.
Look out for: Cleansing balls that melt into liquid when they come into contact with your skin are the latest texture change hype in Korea; they’re color-coordinated by skincare concerns and agree with virtually all skin types.

2) High-tech masks: 

                                                                          (Photo source: STYLUS)

There’s no point in denying the moment face masks had in 2016, and the beauty experts are saying their success is only to get bigger, long into next year.
Look out for: Dermalogica Power Rescue Masque Trio as well as the other amazing offers that come with Dermalogica are what’ll get you through the year. Naturally, we can’t stay immune to Nannette de Gaspé, which “brought us the first dry-textured sheet mask, will unveil a lift-and-plump version for boobs and bums early next year”. Year 2017 is also about the incredible Farmacy, and there are rumors around saying Charlotte Tilbury will be venturing into this genre of skincare, too. Wait and see. 

3) Plumping ingredients:

Water we are, the water we need… right? Well, just like most products are water-based, the focus of 2017 products unsurprisingly shifts to hydration. With all the water-based ingredients come jelly textures that will provide breathable finishes which are ultra-light, at the same time. The more hydrated the skin is, the firmer, plumper and more radiant it looks.
Look out for: Elemis Hydra-Boost Serum and La Mer Revitalising Hydrating Serum (both launch early in the year); then, there’s the amazing Clarins that will unveil its revamped HydraQuench range. It’s going to be great!

4) Superfood skincare:

(Photo source: SOAK Superfood skincare)

You’ve witnessed the food/organic hype that got us obsessing over what we’re putting into our bodies, all throughout 2016; it was only a matter of time before we got products that are edible, right? Expect to see skincare ingredients including moringa, algae and kale.
Look out for: Blended baobab and rosehip seed oil in Bare Minerals Eternalixir Skin Volumizing Oil Serum, the Bobbi Brown Remedies line and Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%. With these products, the skin is getting a seven-day dose of the vitamin. Woah!
For all of you who care about what you feed your skin to, this is the year to appreciate for everything it’ll offer. Enjoy it -  we know we will!

                                                     GUEST BLOGGER: EMMA LAWSON

Emma Lawson is a passionate writer, online article editor and a health enthusiast. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding healthy lifestyle. She also strives to suggest innovative home remedies that can help you lead a quality and long life.
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  1. Transformative textures and super food skin care are the two trends I am most excited about this year. I love being able to use products that contain fewer chemicals and synthetics and more natural ingredients.

  2. Loving this roundup, lady! I'm a big fan of the superfood movement so happy to see it's carrying itself into 2017 trends as well!

  3. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen5/2/17 00:42

    This is a great roundup. Makes me realize I need to do more in regards to skincare. Those masks sound really good, as well as the superfood skincare.

  4. Does this mean I have to start using more than water and the handmade soaps at the coop? OK-I'll check into the superfoods!

  5. Loved this post! I am so skincare obsessed. I'll definitely be trying these out. Happy weekend!


  6. The cleansing balls that melt into your skin sounds like a lovely way to cleanse your face although I'm not too sure about the masks that you put on your boobs and bum :/

    The Life of Dee

  7. Loving this post. I love knowing the upcoming trends and I think the nail has been hit on the head. Korean beauty trends are massive at the moment and so are masks. I personally love both on them and need to try a few more so let me know if you have any recommendations

  8. I'm not so much into trends but I do love anything focused on good ingredients!

  9. Fab skincare trends. Love the masks, the cleansing balls sound great...need to check them out. Love looking for new ways to improve my skin!

  10. I love skincare products! Always looking for things to make my face look more glowy and such haha :) Wasn't aware of all these trends so this post was really informative for me!

  11. Loved!!! My skin needs some big time help after they cold winter weather so I will def be trying some of these out! The superfood skin care products look amazing!

  12. Loved!!! My skin needs some big time help after they cold winter weather so I will def be trying some of these out! The superfood skin care products look amazing!
    xo, Atzimba

  13. some amazing new stuff! great postxx

  14. Interesting post, thanks for sharing! :)

    Nora /

  15. Nice post. I'm especially interested in superfood skincare products and can't wait to treat my skin with some of them!

  16. You have done a brilliant job making sure that people understand where you are coming from. And let me tell you, I get it. Please post more updates to cure.
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  17. Thank you all for reading, lovely ladies. I hope I was informative enough. Personally, I welcome healthy trends. Those sheet masks are on my to-do list :)

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    xx nicole

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  21. masks are my favorite trend!

  22. Superfood cosmtics sound fantastic! I'm also a huge fan of masks and believe in their effects.

  23. I have enjoyed trying out Kbeauty products via Birchbox and using beauty items w/ superfood in it...kale, coconut, whatever! :)


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