Monday, 2 May 2016

What to wear when workout?

Summer is coming, and i am sure that most of you are training hard to prepare your body for sun and sea, and i know that also that there is also lots of you (just like me) catching the last train to start to workout.
Even if you are gym, fitness, running lover you will definitely need proper equipment.
*Everything starts with comfotable clothes, made from spandex and elastic types, that helps drawing sweat from the body, and also cotton if you are practicing light workout.
It is important to choose the right size, especially not the size that does not fit you. I am talking about very small and tight and also to big and sloppy clothes is not welcome for any workout.
For girls, another thing is that sports bra is very important, so invest in a good one, that really can do great breast support.
*From other equipment it is important to have water bottle and watch with all specific  content intended to measure your pressure, heart beats, steps, calories burned and many more.
Also huge bag is needed, so you can add extra hoodie, or a  towel.
Here are my suggestion what to wear on a workout day. Hope you like it, and tell me what is your favourite workout gear?

Ljeto je već na pomolu, i sigurna sam da mnogi od vas uveliko spremaju svoje tijelo za plažu i sunce, ali takođe sam sigurna da postoji i oni (kao i ja) koji uvijek hvataju poslednji voz da počnu sa vježbanjem.
Bez obzira da li volite teretanu, fitnes trčanje najvažnije je imati odgovarajuću opremu.
*Sve počinje sa dobrim izborom odjeće, koja je udobna, napravljena od spandeksa i elastičnih materijala kako bi spriječio da se znoj lijepi za vaše tijelo, i pamučni materijali koji su veoma pogodni ako ipak volite neke lagane vježbe.
Veoma je važno izabrati odgovarajuću veličinu, ne previše malu ili usku odjeću, a sa druge strane ne preporučuje se ni previše ogromna odjeća.
Za djevojke još jedna od važnijih stvari, koje su neophodne za dobro vježbanje je i odgovarajući sportski grudnjak, koji će značajno potpomoći vaše grudi.
*Od ostale opreme važno je imati bocu sa vodom i sat koji ma odgovarajući sadržaj usmjeren na mjerenje krvnog pritiska, otkucaja srca, pređenih koraka, sagorjelih kalorija..
Velika torba je takođe plus, jer može vam poslužiti za dodatnu duksericu ili peškir.
Ovo su moje sugestije, nadam se da vam se dopada.


  1. The first combo is right up my alley! I'm a pretty standard workout gear type of girl! Love the second one though for someone else!


  2. Love the second combo!
    Thanks for sharing!
    XO Erica

  3. So amazing, dear :D
    Love the first sneakers +,+

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  4. Great post :)


  5. This is such a useful post! I love these tips <3

  6. I really like the first combo, just for me :)

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  7. Amazing outfit, love them!! New follower, I wait you on my blog ♥


  8. odlični izbori! Prava odjeća za vježbanje mora biti udobna, ali ako nam se sviđa kako izgleda onda je to dodatni plus i pomaže kod motivacije. Sreća pa je danas taj sportski stil u modi pa se lako nađu dobri komadi.

  9. Anonymous3/5/16 01:32

    Love, love, love this post :) makes me wants to actually get up and workout!

  10. I'm starting my workout routine and now I need workout outfit hahaha. Thanks for this :)

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  11. Thanks a lot, my dear :D

    I'm just in love with all collection! So perfect and useful!

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  12. Great tips and amazing sets! 2nd is my fav! :D

  13. Great Post! Love the first combination. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Love this post! I definitely need to purchase some new workout gear, haha:) Also, I really like your blog, just followed you<3

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  15. Great selections! Perfect for exercise!

    Adi xx

  16. great selection

  17. Anonymous4/5/16 07:44

    Love the sports gear that you picked!


  18. Very cool sports gear, especially love the sneakers!


  19. Great tips on what to wear! I love the last set!

  20. wow! i wish I could look this stylish when working out! to be honest i just don't really care how i look when i go out for a run. usually i actually look like an homeless person ahah! ;)

    have a great day!

  21. First combo is perfect!

  22. Adore these sporty combos!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  23. Great picks! I love the color of that sports bra. When I work out I like wearing shorts because they are loose and breezy haha I can't stand tight-fitting clothes when I'm exercising.
    You changed your blog name! It took me awhile to find you again
    I hope you are doing well!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  24. Ivana I love this post and the workout gear you chose. Comfy clothes and shoes are a must! I am an avid gym goer and train hard on weights. Gym fashion has become just as important as my regular fashion style but I won't put up with uncomfortable shoes while at the gym (unlike what I would outside lol). Love your blog and we talk about the same topics you and I. Would love to collaborate. Email me at rania at the-wardrobe-stylist dot com.

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